Company information

Protector of Beautiful Life

We keep in mind (COCORO) our mission is to protect the birth of a new life and its nursery, to foster every moment of life on the earth.

Our new corporate symbol has the mark "COCORO" to reflect our mission.
We expand the future by meeting the needs of our valuable customers, developing our products into 4 brands:

Maternity: ChildbirthBaby: Child rearing
Medical: Health CareFamily: Livelihood
With this new identity, we are moving forwards.

Greeting from the Chairman

We protect the Life and the Earth

Our motto is "Protector of Beautiful Life". With that, we are solely committed to being a "Protector of Beautiful Life".
Beautiful life is the life of ourselves, of our parents who lead us to this world, of the family and friends having every confidence in brightness to share even a hard time, then all lives that we would like to cultivate, and moreover, life of the earth that nurtures us.
It is our business concept and mission to protect life and the earth.

Kouji Kato, President


The mission is to protect
people’s Life and the Earth’s environment

From decades of experience in supporting childbirth, Amethyst has learned how important the breast milk means for the newborn and wants to protect it forever. We try to stop making negative impact on the environment. Thus, we need to consider using environmental friendly materials in our production, avoiding as much as possible overloading the environment.

Safety and security, then creating trust

Medical hygiene materials that Amethyst is offering are aimed to ensure a "safe medical environment". We shall firmly catch up the needs in medical field, work on product design, get cooperation of the medical field, and work on verification and information collection.

Ensuring comfortableness

Being comfortable (with amenities) is a very important factor for recovery of patients. Aware about the need of early deodorization in hospital environment, which contributes to comfortableness, we have proposed deodorant products corresponding to various medical contexts. The results of its application have been reported in many of nursing researches.

All employees involved to
"protect life and the earth"

We always think of how to be able to "protect Life and the Earth", and then take action. We consider it as a responsible obligation. With motivation and power of all inspired employees, we will continue to protect the beautiful life and the earth.